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Family time is important to me and my Life Partner.

Managing finances effectively is important to us.

Finding time to focus on personal financial life goals is difficult.

Supervision and coordination of all professional advice needs would be helpful.

Lack of transparency and trust of advisers worries us.

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Your score suggests you may not be ready now to consider the need for help with your personal affairs.

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There are key areas of your life you cannot delegate, such as all aspects of Physical, Health, Relationships and Career.

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Your Personal Time is Valuable

Successful people often measure wealth by the amount of discretionary time they have at their disposal. As life progresses, we become more different from each other, not more alike.

How can you and your life partner maintain your individuality and achieve your life goals, consistent with your values?

Clear values and goals, aligned with well-reasoned timeframes for your plans and a disciplined approach to keep you on track, are essential for achieving quality outcomes!

How to make the best of the rest of your life?

Get started on the journey to construct your Longevity Plan!

If you want happiness to come from the world you create within yourself, we can help you.

Murray McLean

Disciplined Approach



Time Frames

Identify time frames for your life journey and how you will respond to any variations that arise.



Personal Values

Match your personal values, lifestyle goals and time frames in harmony with the best solutions for managing your wealth and lifestyle.



Identify & establish

Establish the level of financial risk you are comfortable with, matched to your views about investment strategies.



developing strategies

Brief and supervise Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who develop strategies reflecting your best interests, desired lifestyle and goals.



personal plans

Integrate your personal plans with all SME recommendations and secure your informed commitment to all actions.



progress & performance

Regularly review all progress and performance and adapt your strategies and plans accordingly.


Key attributes required in providing effective advocacy include:

  • Establish a neutral space to engage with you and your life partner.

  • Identify and inter-relate each person’s values and goals.

  • Maintain professional standards for mutual respect, patience and support.

  • Obtain your informed commitment (not just consent) in your response to all advice and recommendations.

  • Promote wise trade-offs when faced with conflicting alternatives.

  • Never compromise on regular ‘fit-for-purpose’ checks to monitor outcomes.

  • Monitor delivery of Protection, Attention, Communication, Co-ordination and

  • Transparency throughout all interactions.

Values-inspired Advocacy eliminates many of the 'day-to-day' hassles in your financial life journey!

Knowledge, experience, system and processes oversee and co-ordinate selected ‘Best-in-Class’ Subject Matter Experts to service all your planning, finance, investment, accounting, legal, and risk management requirements. 


The V-iA system becomes the one 'point-of-contact' for all your life planning needs. 

So, instead of trying to juggle varying and conflicting opinions with all your different advisers, you only need to have one relaxed meaningful conversation with us!

Your Future Journey

Because we have a different focus to really get to know you, we can then work together to resolve significant issues so you always stay on track!

Quality conversations help you identify how to connect your values, feelings and aspirations in making realistic financial decisions.

You are helped to draw a roadmap to achieve your desired outcomes, and always stay 'on-track'

Five years ago we were uncertain and concerned about the complexity surrounding our business, family and overall financial wellbeing.

Mindful of past disappointments over many years, we searched for reliable sources to access expert and experienced knowledge to help us improve the important lifestyle, financial and wealth creation issues we needed to address.

The comprehensive solutions were realised when we engaged with Murray and the expert Team coordinated by Values-inspired Advocacy.

The transformation across all areas of our life and business experiences has been amazing.

Thank you

Robert and Joanne – Business Owners

A very grateful thank you to the Team at Values-inspired Advocacy for helping us develop a strategy for our mid to long term goals and for putting everything in place to get us there with reassuring certainty.

It is great being able to enjoy our retirement, without worrying about all of the complexities involved in achieving a secure future – fortunately, we have you all monitoring and keeping us accountable so we are on track to experience the journey.

Much appreciated.

Keith and Jillian – Retired Senior Administrators

We are so thankful to the V-iA team for helping us to know what we did not know about ourselves.

So much has been done for us behind the scenes with all facets of our family life and business needs.

We feel safe and secure in the knowledge that your team has our back and we have total peace of mind knowing we have greater clarity for our future tangible goals.

With one point of contact to co-ordinate all professional advice, we now have direction to work efficiently towards our desired outcomes.

You have delivered on the promises made to look after us and our growing family. 

Thank you all. 

David and Jane - Business Owners

As our relationship grew with the guidance of the Values-inspired Advocacy team, our day-to-day clarity, sense of personal achievement, and peace of mind has led us to understand the true meaning of passing the ‘sleep test’!

Nothing is too much trouble for Murray and his Team of experts, particularly the willingness to help gives us the reassurance we can proactively influence how we can achieve our long term goals.

Thank you All.

Kylie and Ronald – Suburban Family

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The Team

Murray McLean

Longevity Strategy Advocate

Over 30 years of experience in financial services



Murray McLean

Longevity Strategy Advocate
Connecting your Time, Values & Wealth with your Future

For over 30 years Murray McLean has earned the respect of hundreds of clients through enabling them to recognise and make informed decisions to achieve their desired outcomes.

His qualifications, skills, and experience underpin his Team’s unique service for all Values-inspired Advocacy clients.

As their advocate, Murray oversees a holistic approach to supervising each client’s legal, financial, accounting and wealth creation requirements.

Maria Karakasis

Administrative Manager

Maria has acquired over 15 years of administrative experiences in financial services.


Maria Karakasis

Administrative Manager

Maria has acquired over 20 years of administrative experiences in financial services, starting in the field of insurance and transitioning to the finance sector. In various roles Maria has looked after portfolios of advisers and managed clients, developed strong relationships with both parties while delivering client focused services.

Maria holds a BA (Hons.).

Kevin Doyle

Director of Client Services

With over 25 years worldwide experience in the travel/tourism sectors.


Kevin Doyle

Director of Client Services

With over 30 years international experience helping businesses develop client focused services, Kevin assists our Team to deliver better outcomes. 

Kevin is a Fellow Member of the Australian Marketing Institute, Associate Member Governance Institute of Australia, and Tax Agent (Retired).