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Family time is important to me and my Life Partner.

Managing finances effectively is important to us.

Finding time to focus on personal financial life goals is difficult.

Supervision and coordination of all professional advice needs would be helpful.

Lack of transparency and trust of advisers worries us.

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Your score suggests you may not be ready now to consider the need for help with your personal affairs.

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There are key areas of your life you cannot delegate, such as all aspects of Physical, Health, Relationships and Career.

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Quality conversations help you identify how to connect your values, feelings and aspirations in making realistic financial decisions.

This is achieved by helping you and your life partner to complete a ‘roadmap’ to achieve your desired outcomes, and always stay ‘on-track’.

People challenged with the assessment between wealth vs. time;

  • have wealth, however, want more ‘discretionary’ time to enjoy the fruits of success;
  • want to focus on ‘bigger picture’ objectives and outcomes.

You must stop doing tedious work to gain valuable ‘discretionary’ time.

How do you reduce time-wasting ‘doing’ across all your financial, legal and accounting affairs?

This can only be done by a coordinated behind the scenes process, which moves you closer to your preferred financial life outcomes.

Money matters not for what it is, but for what it allows you to do - in your life and with your family and friends.

Murray McLean


A quality conversation with Murray will permit you to gain insights to answer all the ‘first impression’ questions specifically; How can you help me? Who can I Trust?

This initial discussion will lead you and your life partner to identify and clarify your values and aspirations, and goals, before moving onto money issues.

Murray and the Team oversee and champion your cause towards you achieving all your desired outcomes.

Ultimately, you will be guided towards completing construction of your personal Longevity Plan.


The Values-inspired Advocacy system becomes the one ‘point-of-contact’ for all your financial life planning needs.

Meeting at least three times per year coordinates all the detailed reviews for your strategy and progress reporting needs.

These conversations are pivotal to keeping you ‘on-track’ and focused on achieving your desired outcomes.

Passing the ‘Sleep Test’!

By centralising and coordinating your affairs, your life suddenly becomes a lot simpler and easier.

You will rest easy knowing that ‘best-of-breed’ financial, legal, planning and accounting minds are doing and checking all necessities on your behalf.