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Family time is important to me and my Life Partner.

Managing finances effectively is important to us.

Finding time to focus on personal financial life goals is difficult.

Supervision and coordination of all professional advice needs would be helpful.

Lack of transparency and trust of advisers worries us.

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There are key areas of your life you cannot delegate, such as all aspects of Physical, Health, Relationships and Career.

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Professional advocacy helps you articulate your desired outcomes and ensures your needs are dealt with and delivered with independent expert advice.

Why is that important?

Impartial guidance will help you align your values and tangible goals, arranged within agreed time frames, guiding you to make properly informed commitments to advance your plans for the future, in the best interests for you and your loved ones.

While mentoring and keeping you accountable, your advocacy Team works behind the scenes coordinating the work of your SMEs implementing your personal strategies monitored and reviewed with you three times every year.

This process is designed to:

  • help you when you are confronted with significant financial life issues, you have a specialist with a unique focus to help you clarify and organise your thoughts and dispel your fears in seeking the right advice towards taking you in your preferred direction.

  • give you the evidence and reassurance that you have a reliable and professional Team that never ‘pull punches’ and always protects your Back!

  • be consistent, dependable and deliver on all necessities to keep you accountable to yourself, by helping you separate logic from emotion when required.

  • give you 100% confidence that no matter what happens in the markets, the economy, or the world, you will achieve your desired outcomes, for the reasons that are important to you and your loved ones.

Price is what you pay. 

Value is what you get.

Warren Buffett

Time has more value than money.

You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.

Jim Rohn


Eliminate many 'day-to-day' hassles interfering with you living your Ideal Life by delegating to a comprehensive, integrated service helping you create a bigger picture of your successes and outcomes.

Your initial meeting to complete your journey road map is at our expense.

You benefit from our ‘fee-for-service’ remuneration arrangements because there are no hidden fees or commissions.

You will always know exactly how much you are paying for our advocacy and the services provided by the SME Team.

You have peace of mind knowing, no-one gets an ‘un-disclosed’ percentage of your assets.